Start-up FAQs

Start-up issues HU Solutions
Lack of legal compliance knowledge At the time of incorporationBefore Fund Raise After Fund Raise Annual Compliances Statutory reporting   Incorporation of CompaniesObtaining Start-up CertificatesSecretarial and Legal assistance Pre and Post Incorporation formalitiesPeriodical secretarial duties Pre and Post Fund Raise compliancesProviding legal documents drafts
Restrictive tie-ups with professionals like CAs, CSs, CWAs, Lawyers   Providing professional services and/or introduction to such firms wherever required
How to protect trade secrets and intellectual properties?
Need for proper financial advice
Limited access to sophisticated investors Introduction to pool of high networth investors
Lack of awareness on hows, whys and whens of a Fund Raise Do you really require a Fund Raise?Should it be need based or long term?How much should be raised?What mode should be undertaken for fund raise?Pre-requisites of a Fund Raise?     Complete Hand holding in the entire process of raising funds addressing all the hows, whys and whens
Not prepared to approach Investors Legal & Financial Due Diligence ReportsFinancial ProjectionsBusiness Assessment ReportValuation Report Founders’ Agreement Assistance in building financial models, due diligence reports and projections
Not aware of Investors’ preferences  
Incorrect Valuation Rational & Adequate Valuation exercise
Need of professional and strategic expertise Connecting with experts to help in strategic decision making, legal and financial assistance, marketing, technology etc. Introducing fellow entrepreneurs for peer understanding
Fair terms of investment Advising on fair terms of subscription for both the investors and the company
How to decide on the management expertise and division of powers and rights How to assign roles, rights and benefits amongst the Directors?Capital infusion by foundersWhether experts from various fields should be taken on Board?  
  1. What is a Start-up?
  2. What form of entity is required to be formed to start a new business?
  3. Is it required to incorporate a Limited Company for getting investments?
  4. Can LLP be a good option for a starting a new venture?
  5. Can founders act as partners and form a partnership firm for starting a new business?
  6. What professional services does a Start-up require to set up and run its business?
  7. Is stamp duty payable on capital infusion at the time of Incorporation of a Company?
  8. We are 5 founders of our new business? Can all of us act a Directors/Partners in the Company/LLP we are about to incorporate?
  9. Why is Valuation required? What are the types of Valuation?
  10. Why DCF Valuation is preferred for Start-ups?
  11. What do the critical legal terms in a Subscription Agreement mean?
  12. What is Anti-Dilution clause?
  13. What are Tag along rights?
  14. What are Drag along rights?
  15. What is a Pre-emptive right?
  16. Can Investors appoint their representative on the Board?
  17. Who is a Board observer?
  18. Who is a Nominee Director?
  19. Are shares of a Company freely tradeable to anyone?
  20. What are the different modes of raising finance?
  21. How can debentures be a mode of raising finance?
  22. How are preference shares different from equity shares?
  23. What are the substantial shareholders rights in a Company?
  24. What exemptions or benefits does a Start-up get if it gets registered as a Start-up with the government?


  1. A Network of High Networth Individuals across all domains.
  2. Valuation expertise in both Private & Public, Listed and Unlisted Companies   across 20 industries.
  3. Financial Due Diligence practice of Companies with 20 years of history to newly incorporated Start-ups.
  4. Tie-ups with industry pundits for professional services where expertise is required.
  5. Work experience with top companies which helps in better understanding of Industry norms.
  6. Party to multiple investment deals therefore well aware of Investor and Promoter rights to be secured while closing an investment deal.
  7. Part of Start-up groups so your problems can be understood well, and Business advice can be rendered.
  8. 20 years of Expertise in Direct and Indirect Taxation and Stamp duty matters for Corporates and Individuals.
  9. Professional services in Pune as well as in Mumbai for better access.
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