We at HU Consultancy have a panel of experts to develop a clearly articulated strategy and an M&A plan that reinforces that strategy. After in-depth study of the companies’ financials and assimilating management’s objectives, we deliver a set of cost effective options which also pave the way for long term profitable growth. We provide concept to completion solutions on a turn-key basis for executing M&A transactions covering the entire gamut of critical components of an M&A transaction, be it structuring, tax, finance or regulatory.

In a span of 20+ years, HU Consultancy has built strong credentials in the market and our expertise has ensured successful execution of over 300+ transactions across a wide spectrum of sectors.

Our Offerings

Be it consolidation of group companies for simplifying the corporate structure, increasing the capital base, making the company IPO ready or raising additional debt or altering the shareholding pattern of the promoters—our multi-disciplinary team offers you crisp accuracy in accomplishing your strategic objectives.

Based on the structure of the transaction and needs of our client, our experienced team arrives at a valuation/swap ratio which is in line with applicable regulations like FEMA, SEBI and Income Tax

Our vast experience in execution of transaction under single window has enabled us to foresee impediments in efficient execution of any deal and where there are possibilities of leads and lags .This makes execution process,( which involves approvals of different government authorities at different stages), smooth and time and cost efficient.

Post-merger integration is just as important as executing the right strategy! (Or more important in some cases). We advise on various types of integration like –

  • Financial – To ensure complete consolidation of finance function including working capital management and compliance of accounting standards.
  • Fiscal – To ensure non-withdrawal of benefits already claimed , continuity and carried forward of tax benefits.
  • Legal – To do compliance of corporate , administrative and fiscal laws in the course of integration.
    We also can conduct compliance audit also.


Acquisitions have become an essential and integral part of corporate strategy and will gain more significance as competition intensifies and companies move up the growth curve.

The best acquirers investigate targets with a nose for what is really important, identifying the key sources of ongoing value and sniffing out any odds. With more than two decades of experience helping companies develop time-tested strategies, we, as a part of our client’s team, identify the types of deals that create value.

In a span of 20+ years, HU Consultancy has built strong credentials in the market and our expertise has ensured successful execution of over 300+ transactions across a wide spectrum of sectors.

Our Offerings

Once target is identified, we help corporates decide acquisition vehicle, structure, mode of consideration and financing options.

As success of any deal depends on meticulous Due Diligence, we literally put ourselves in the clients’ shoes to comprehend the objectives and important risk areas of the target. Our expertise covers –

  • Financial Due-Diligence
  • Commercial Due-Diligence
  • Tax Due-Diligence
  • Legal Due-Diligence
  • Human Resource Due-Diligence

Our team carefully analyses the cash flows and other macro-economic factors specific to the targets industry on the basis of which we determine independent and fair valuation for the acquisition. Our valuation includes both business and synergy valuation.

Once valuation is agree between the parties, we participate in negotiation to work out terms of payment and way forward based on our client‘s strategy .Our expertise in drafting M&A term sheets/MOUs Share Purchase Agreement, Business Transfer Agreement etc. ensures not only a smooth movement of the deal process by taking care of the needs of both the parties but also avoids any post deal conflicts notwithstanding the highly complex process of negotiation.

Successful transaction management requires careful planning at every step of the way. We at HU Consultancy can accurately assess your situation and help you to put a strategy in place for success.

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